Mission and Vision

Council Bluffs Soccer Club (CBSC) was established in 2016 by a merger of Council Bluffs Futbol Club (CBFC) and Council Bluffs Youth Soccer Association (CBYSA).  CBSC is a community-based, volunteer organization supporting recreational and competitive soccer playing under Iowa Soccer Association (ISA), the United States Soccer Federation (USSF) and the United States Youth Soccer Association (USYSA).


Council Bluffs Soccer Club mission is to be a first-class soccer club to help all youth maximize their soccer experience with a safe atmosphere for practice and play, quality, professional training, and well-organized game competition that is developmentally appropriate for all levels of play.


CBSC will work to accomplish this mission by building and leading a sustainable development model that grows the number of players that develop a lifelong passion for the game of soccer by providing enhanced opportunities for all players regardless of age, technical ability or ability to pay. Through this process, players will build personal character, be taught to compete with courage, and share the value of commitment to self, team, club, and community.

Through the game of soccer players will learn life lessons and develop high expectations and positive character traits such as good sportsmanship, fair play, team importance, doing one’s best, never giving up, respecting opponents and officials, and honor of the game.



Board of Directors

Tim Hamilton, President

Desiree Overall, Vice-President

Shane Hoss, Treasurer

Lonny Kolln, Secretary

Darin Devine, Board Member

Sabry Edwards, Board Member

Sarah Wolf, Board Member

Governing Bylaws