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    To find out more about the academy program please contact

    Director of Coaching Eric Hayes

    Spring Academy Program

    Notice: This will be the last year Academy is offered as a seasonal program. For the 2019/20 season Academy will become a 11 month program where new players will always be welcome, but more structure throughout the year for everyone.

    Our academy at CBSC is focused on creating a structured training curriculum allowing players to train, learn, and enjoy the game inside a positive environment. There is a high emphasis on growth both on and off the field.

    Progressive training allows your child to build a solid base in individual development. The focus areas are individual technique in the following; 6 surfaces of success, close ball control, ability to command the ball, creating a foundation for future learning and development through learned technical skills, moves and turns, solid passing, and passing techniques.

    The skills are taught by academy coaches in weekly training sessions. Coaches teach, encourage, and correct players during the training sessions. The players compete in organized games with other academies or club teams where they are encouraged to work on the skills they have learned. All coaching in games is through positive reinforcement focusing on current skills rather than concentrating on a winning mentality. We want players to be confident and comfortable expressing themselves and learning through success and failure in games.

    Your child will follow a club wide curriculum as they progress through the academy with their development tracked. The goal is for every player to take significant steps in individual improvement.

    Our education is not only focused on player development; we also use the academy to train parents and young referees through games and presentations.

    Children develop at various rates in not only sport, but all aspects of life. The unique approach of the academy is to allow a club roster at each age group with no formal teams. Each week, the staff assesses and creates the teams to compete for the weekend games or tournament play. We want to create a competitive environment where your child can develop through a mixture of success and failure. In doing this we also expose your child to more coaches and more experiences on the field.

    The CBSC Academy Program is open to players born in 2009-2012 for the 2018/19 Season.

    Academy Registration

    The academy is open to all players born in the years 2009 - 2012 (2018/19). The academy program is designed for any players wishing to experience a structured, developmental training program.

    Registration is open from Jan 1st - March 1st 2019 for Academy

    To finalize registration for spring by paying your account:

    To make payment - Login to your account by selecting Member Login here or at the top of

    1. After login click on the Register blue button.
    2. Next you will select the player you wish to register.
    3. Continue to complete the registration application.
    4. Final select an option to pay Credit Card. New this season is ACH / EChecks . We no longer take paper checks.

    If you did not play in the academy in the fall. Visit Registration and register for the appropriate program. Please follow the instruction on the page.

    Attention: Any registrant after March 1st 2019 that has not paid or registered, may be charged late fee per registrant. Failure to pay by registration close date of March 1st. Will force CBSC Staff to remove the player from their spring program.
    So don't hesitate registration today!

    If you have any questions on the information above we request that you reach out to Eric Hayes our Director of Coaching as we are in the process of staff transition.

    Please read carefully - We have changed the structure of payment for the academy.
    The cost for each season (fall/spring) is below. There are two outdoor seasons (fall and spring), which run for 10 weeks:
    $100.00 for 2012 and 2011 birth years
    $200.00 for 2010 and 2009 birth years

    Winter Academy Camp
    $100.00 for 2012, 2011, 2010, and 2009 birth years.
    $50 Futsal Add-On

    There is no tryout process for the academy and all players will be accepted into the program. The first team formation will take place within a week of the season start date, and players are to be expected to move within teams throughout the year.

    There will be no refunds issued after the first training date your child attends. Any refunds prior to your first training date will result in an administrative fee for costs incurred.

    Club Calendar
    Spring Schedule

    1. Academy Practices


    7/8 Boys and Girls - 6:7:30PM

    9/10 Girls 6:00-7:30PM

    9/10 Boys 6:00-7:30PM

    Starts March 12th - May 16th

    2. Competition/Alliance League Schedule

    3/14-17 - CB @ Gretna Kick Start Tournament

    4/6 - CB vs IFA

    4/11 - CB vs EVO

    4/14 - CB @ Omaha OHA

    4/26-28 - CB ROTR Tournament

    5/4 - CB @ Villareal and Hastings (Lincoln)

    5/7 - CB vs ISW

    5/11 - CB @ Springfield S

    3. Academy Team Store

    Please make sure that you have the required kit for CBSC Academy through

    Required Pieces: White Jersey, Black Jersey, Black Shorts, Black Socks