Council Bluffs Soccer Club
Financial Aid Program
1. Mission

The Council Bluffs Soccer Club (CBSC) is committed to ensuring that any childs with the desire, commitment, and ability to play soccer has the opportunity to participate regardless of financial ability. This policy establishes the Club’s Financial Aid Program.
2. Process

Subject to the availability of funds, CBSC shall offer financial aid to those members that demonstrated a need or financial hardship. The decision to make any award, the amount thereof, and the beneficiaries shall be made on a defined set of decision factors which are consistently applied. All award decisions are made at the sole discretion of the CBSC Financial Aid Committee. The application information will be kept confidential within the CBSC Financial Aid Committee and the Club Treasurer.
3. Applications

a. Complete applications (with supporting documentation) for financial aid may be mailed to CBSC at P.O. Box 1992 Council Bluffs Iowa, 51502. Applications may also be e-mailed with scanned supporting documents to the CBSC Treasurer at . Incomplete applications will result in disqualification for aid.

4. Assistance

The club awards up to 50% annual financial assistance to eligible Select and Academy Program players and up to 100% for Recreational Program players.
a. Players that are awarded financial assistance will agree to participate in CBSC programs for both the fall and spring seasons.
b. Award decisions for players will be made in July of each calendar year. Applicants will be notified of aid decision by July 31st of each year.
c. The financial aid application deadline will be July 15th of each year.

5. Eligibility
a. Anyone that wishes to play in a CBSC Program is eligible to apply for financial aid.
b. Qualification is primarily based on verified family income.
c. To be eligible, a family’s aggregate household Adjusted Gross Income (AGI- line 37 on Federal tax return Form 1040) must not exceed the most recently published Median Household income estimate for Council Bluffs, Iowa by the State of Iowa Department of Planning Data Center.
d. Other factors such as unemployment or other financial hardships may be considered by the Financial Aid Committee.
e. Children of the CBSC Board or Financial Aid Committee members are not eligible.
f. Multiple children in the same household may also apply for aid. Please include a separate application for each child, including IRS documents for each. The Financial Aid Committee may award aid to more than one child in a household if they deem appropriate and within the committee’s
assigned aid budget. Families may or may not receive aid for all children applying.
g. Families that receive financial aid are required to volunteer to support CBSC events.

6. Application Process
a. Applications for financial aid are available online and must be completed and returned to CBSC by the above indicated deadlines,
b. A signed copy of the most recent Federal tax return on Form 1040 for both parents and/or guardians of the applicant of the applicant (supporting schedules and attachments are not required, unless requested) must be filed with the financial aid application,
c. The applicant must appear as a dependent on the parents’ IRS 1040.
d. Additional forms (i.e. W-2s, 1099, etc) may be required by the Financial Aid Committee.
e. Applicants will still register through the Club’s online registration system. This will ensure the children will be reserved a slot, pending the decision of the Financial Aid Committee.
f. Applications are not considered complete until all required documents have been submitted.
g. Incomplete applications will not be considered by the committee.

7. Award Process
a. All applications will be reviewed by the Financial Aid Committee.
b. The Financial Aid Committee will notify the CBSC Treasurer of all financial aid decisions.
c. Notification of aid awards shall be notified via telephone and/or email to each applicant by the CBSC Treasurer.
8. No cash payments will be made to any player of their family.
9. Questions concerning this policy may be addressed to the Board via email.

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