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Welcome to CBSC : 2019 Spring Season Open

Hope everyone has had a great holiday break!

As promised, we worked hard to make things simple! If you played in the recreational program Fall 2018, you are automatically registered for Spring 2019. CBSC applied a "$60 Participation Fee" to your account for each participant that played in fall.

To finalize your registration for spring:

  1. Make payment - Log in to your account by selecting Member Login here or at the top of
    1. After login scroll down to Account Balance
    2. Next to balance owed, select [ Pay Now ] -
      Note: This is the early bird rate
    3. Visit Registration and register for the appropriate program. Please follow the instruction on the page.
  2. If you did not play in the fall, registration is open from Jan 1st - Feb 16th.

Attention: Any registrant who has not paid or registered prior to February 16 will be charged the regular rate of $70 per registrant. Failure to pay by registration close on March 1st will result in removal of the player from the spring team.

So finalize your registration today!

If you have questions, please contact Eric Hayes or Joyce Bartels

Recreational League Quicklinks:
Complex Map - Game Schedules - Rules

Rainout Hotline for CB Complex:
(712) 890-5290 After 3pm

More information...

I want to play.
Some teams need players, If you missed registration please contact Joyce Bartels,

I want to become a coach.
Please contact Eric Hayes, Director of Coaching :

I want to become a referee.
We are always looking for referees. Please contact Joyce Bartels, Referee Assignor: