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Coaches - Joining Your Team on Bonzi Team

Read the How to for Coachs on BonziTeam: Click Here

To join your team on Bonzi Team, just look for your invitation in your email. The invitation will be sent to the same email address that you used when you registered as a coach with your sports organization.

Click the link in the invitation email and follow the instructions on the screen to accept your invitation.

IMPORTANT: As a Coach Please read the How to for Bonzi Team for Parents to assist parents with issues.

Parents - Joining Your Team on Bonzi Team

Bonzi Team is an extension of your Club or League software that imports all team information directly from your software to Bonzi Team, simplifying the team management process. Now team members can view their roster, view and track attendance for the team schedule, coaches can send emails to their players' families and so much more.

Read the How to for Parents on BonziTeam: Click Here

Q & A

Q: Can I have multiple teams on my bonziteam App? A: Yes, when you are assigned a team or teams you will have the option to see all teams after you accept the invite. If you are a parent and Coach or just a parent to multiple children if you follow the How to for Parents it will explain the process..

Q: A parents name shows up instead of my player? A: This was cause by how you accepted the invite. Please contact to have it corrected.

Q: How do I add or subscribe to calendar of my Bonzi Team? A:Turn Pop-up blocker off. Click on Subscribe using your PC, Mac, Chrome Book. You will be provided with option then to add to your account.

Q: How do I add calendar to my phone? A: Download the BonziTeam App via Android or Apple. When installed Login using your username and password. Select your team. Then click the 3 dot icon in the top right corner under the gear icon. A popup will open to subscribe. Follow the instructions to add from this point.

Additonal Support on Bonzi Team

Do you or your parents need additonal help?
Send us an email at if you have general questions. For technical support contact James at: