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Activity of the Month - October
Posted Oct 5, 2017

This session is all about players solving problems. As coaches, it is easy to give our players the answer, but come game time, the player needs to know how to solve situations on their own. 

3v2 to Goal with Counter Goals

This session is about introducing ideas to the attacking three and letting them create goal scoring opportunities. The counter goals are important as if the defenders win it, we do not want them to get in the habit of just kicking it out or away. You could also have target players as someone for defenders to find. 

Make sure to introduce one idea at a time. Also, you do not need to stop the activity constantly, instead let one group play while you ask the next three to perform a specific combination (Wall Pass, Overlap). 

Make sure that players analyze when to dribble (take space) when to pass (after committing a defender) and most importantly when they should shoot (lack of pressure). 

One thing you could add to challenge the attackers is a "shot clock" where they must get a shot off before 15 seconds (Adapt for your team). This will encourage them to play quick and look to test the keeper quickly. 

Again, do not over coach, let them figure it out. 


Activity of the Month - September
Posted Aug 31, 2017

Finding the '9'

The number 9 in soccer, is commonly known as the central striker. 

In this activity ballsis played outside the 18 in a 3v1 situation. The '9' in the advanced grid is looking to create space in order to be played in. Once the '9' is found, it becomes 4v2 to goal. 

Coaching Points

- 9 needs to be paitent and wait for the best moment to move into space. 

- 9 when played needs to be unpredictable. Do not always turn, or always layoff the ball to the 'mids', mix it up. 

- 'Mids' 6 (DCM) 8 (CM) 10 (CAM), need to move and support and be paitent as well. Commit central defender (creating space) and play into space created. 

- Finishing, first opportunity needs to be taken advantage of. 



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