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CBSC - Recreational League

The CBSC League offers a full soccer season in both fall and spring, providing a fun and safe environment for children ages 7-19. The focus is participation, team building, sportsmanship, and fun while players learn the game of soccer in a minimally competitive environment.

Teams are scheduled for 8 games per season (pending weather) and are placed in brackets according to age and skill level. Our hope is to challenge all players to become the best players they can be in a fun environment.

League Information


The rules of play shall be the Laws of the Games as published by FIFA, except as modified for small-sided games.

Field sizes are based on modifications for small-sided games.

Game Requirements.


Tennis shoes or soccer shoes.

Members of the team must wear the same color jerseys or T-shirts with a different number for each player. The goalkeeper must have a different color shirt than those of his/her teammates and the opposing team.

Jewelry must be removed (tape over earrings is not allowed).

Shin guards are mandatory. Socks must completely cover shin guards. It is best to put shin guards on first, then socks.

Dangerous Equipment. A player must not use equipment or wear anything dangerous to him/herself or another player. The referee has the final determination if the equipment is safe on the field of play.

Coach Needs.

Official, current roster or player cards. Players are not allowed to play if they are not listed on the roster or coach does not have a player card. If player cards are used, must be complete with picture and laminated.

Coach pass for each coach. If coach pass is not available, must be listed on the roster as a coach. Only persons with a coach pass and/or on the roster are allowed on the player side of the field during a game.

Game ball if the team is the Home Team.

If Home Team, pennies or alternate color jerseys.

Home Team.

The home team is listed first on the game schedule.

The home team provides the game ball
7/8U Size 3
9/10/11/12U Size 4
13U and above Size 5

The Home team changes jerseys or wears pennies if the referee deems necessary.

Pre-Game Check-in.

Referee checks rosters (or player cards) for players and coaches.

Referee checks player equipment (jewelry removed, shin guards and socks in place).

Referee conducts the coin toss. The winner of the toss selects "goal to attack" or the kickoff.

Game Length.

7U/8U four 10-minute quarters

9U/10U - two 25-minute halves

11U/12U - two 30-minute halves

13U/14U - two 35-minute halves

15U/16U - two 40-minute halves

Time between quarters is 1-2 minutes. Time between halves is 5 minutes.

The Game.

All players play at least 50% of the game.

Respect the decisions of the referee.

Be responsible for controlling yourself, your players, and your spectators and see they behave in a sportsmanlike manner.

Spectators must remain at least six (6) feet back from the touchline to avoid injury, allow players doing throw-ins adequate room to play, and allow room for Assistant Referees.

All spectators will be seated on the opposite side of the field from teams. Spectators are not allowed on the sideline with teams, standing or sitting behind the goal lines.

After the Game.

  1. Shake hands with the players and coaches of the other team. No matter what happens during the game, this is the time to acknowledge the game is over and anything negative that happened on the field can be left on the field.
  2. Thank the referee(s).
  3. If desired, have a post-game meeting with your players.
    1. Review the game: what went well and what needs improvement.
    2. Pass on information about practices, games to your players and/or parents.
  4. Clean up your bench area for the next game.
  5. Enjoy the treats.

Other Factors That May Affect the Game

Referee No-show

If the referee does not show up, try to locate the 'standby' referee and inform him/her of the situation and to help you with options.

If both coaches agree to play

  • select a substitute referee (this can be a parent, sibling, coach, or both coaches)
  • If the substitute is a USSF certified referee, have the referee submit a report
  • The winning coach, or home coach in case of a tie, turns in game report and score to the Referee Assignor

If the coaches agree upon a mutual referee and the game is played, the winning coach or home coach in the case of a tie, shall report the score and the referee no-show to the Referee Assignor, 712-309-5503.

If the coaches agree to play the game with a substitute referee, no protest may be filed upon the qualifications or decisions of that referee if he/she is not a currently certified referee.

Coaches are also responsible for the behavior of their players and spectators during the game, if played.

If the coaches decide not to play,

  • contact the Referee Assignor to notify of the no-show
  • follow the reschedule process to have the game rescheduled

Team No-show

If a team does not show up, the referee will wait 10 minutes past game time. If the team does not arrive, the referee will complete the game report, and will record the game as a forfeit against the team that did not show. The coach should contact the Game Scheduler so he/she can follow up with the missing team to make sure there aren't any issues.

If the team arrives within the 10-minute grace period, the referee may shorten the periods of play in order to stay on schedule with other games at the complex


Call for game status every day to check for cancellations and field changes.

3:00 PM on weekdays

7:30 AM on Saturdays

11:00 AM Sundays

Call no matter what the weather conditions are like on game day.

Cancellations will be on the answering service at Parks and Recreation (890-5290).

If weather conditions are questionable and Parks & Recreation has not cancelled the games, the Referees will have the final decision at the field.

Severe Weather. If there is a "Tornado Warning" or other severe weather before or during a game, the game will be cancelled immediately.

Thunder/Lightning. If there is thunder or lightning in the area, the game will be suspended immediately by the Referee.

Darkness. It is the Referee's discretion to shorten quarters/halves in case of darkness. The Referee will advise both coaches that the game is being shortened.


Any team refusing to play a scheduled league game or failing to field the minimum number of players within 10 minutes (the allowed grace period) forfeits the game to the opposing team with the score of zero (0) to two (2). The minimum number of required players is 5 (9/10U) and 7 (11U and up). If a scheduled game is fully or partially played and is forfeited as a result of an infraction of the rules or a protest, the forfeiting team shall lose that game with the score of zero to two.

Grounds for Forfeit:

  1. Refusing to play a scheduled league game or failing to field a team within 10 minutes after scheduled game time.
  2. Leaving the field of play before completion of the game and without approval of the referee.
  3. A team shall forfeit if its players, coaches, or spectators create a disturbance that warrants the termination of the match by the referee.


Emergency Cancellations. If you need to cancel within 48 hours of game-time, do this:

  1. Contact the coach of the other team
  2. Contact Referee Assignor (except U5/6)
  3. Follow the Reschedule Process to reschedule the game

Cancellations by the League. If your game is cancelled, rained out, or terminated prior to the end of the first half (for reasons other than misconduct), the game may be rescheduled. It is the responsibility of the coaches to request the reschedule.

Requested Reschedules. Schedule changes should be requested only as needed or in the case of a cancellation prior to the end of the first half (see above).

  1. Contact the coach of the other team.
  2. Get 2-3 possible dates from the other coach.
  3. Complete and submit the Reschedule Form on the Schedules page of the website.
  4. Game Scheduler contacts the Referee Assignor to cancel the original game, if needed.
  5. Game Scheduler reschedules the game, posts the game on the website, contacts coaches, and the Referee Assignor.

Game Reports.

Reasons to complete a game report:

  • The referee was outsttanding and you want him/her to know you appreciated it.
  • You have concerns about a referee's performance. Be specific with your feedback.
  • The field was not in perfect condition.
  • The other coach exhibited less than appropriate behavior.
  • You exhibited less than appropriate behavior.
  • Some of the spectators were more "exuberant" than necessary.
  • Players did not exhibit sporting-like behavior.
  • The game was "awesome" and you want someone to know.
  • You have questions about the rules.

How to file a report

Use this link to file a report: Be as specific as possible with your comments.
link here once we have one.

Send-Offs and Dismissals

Players can be sent-off (red card) and coaches, team officials, and spectators can be dismissed from the field of play and its immediate surrounds.

CBSC feels strongly that all participants must conduct themselves in a responsible manner. Unsporting behavior is not tolerated. Send-offs and dismissals are tracked by CBSC.

Player, coach, team official, or spectator dismissal from a game: One additional game suspension. Subject to review by Executive Board for possible further sanctions.

No alcoholic beverages are allowed at the complex.

As of July 1, 2008, all Parks and Recreation facilities and programs must adhere to the Iowa Smokefree Air Act. Smoking is prohibited at all outdoor events including sidelines for sports fields, and concession stands and seating.

Non-Member Registration
Non-Member Team registration. We have two seasons each year (Fall & Spring) and fees are collected each season.

7U thru 8U - $300.00
9U thru 10U - $400.00
11U thru 12U - $550.00
13U thru 15U - $675.00
16U thru HS* - $750.00

To inquire about having your teams play in our recreational league please contact our

League Director:
Joyce Bartels

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