2020 N.E.S.T. Information

❏ Adam Sanchez, Director of Coaching

❏ Arian Haddix, CBSC Executive Director

❏ Jose Escobedo, NEST Coach

❏ Jermaine Birriel, NEST Coach

What does your child need for equipment?

❏ Soccer Ball (Size 3)

❏ Cleats

❏ Shin guards

❏ Uniform

❏ Soccer socks (black long socks to cover your shin guards)

❏ Soccer shorts (black athletic shorts)

❏ Water Bottle

For an enjoyable viewing experience, we have seen parents come equipped with the following:

  • Lawn chairs

  • Blankets to sit on

  • Snacks for child

  • Sunscreen

  • Extra water bottle

  • Extra clothing for child in case of accident, weather, etc.

  • Mask

  • Hand Sanitizer

First Day:

❏ Check in at the IW Match Field (Lot 6A) with Club Representative

❏ U4/U5 Player & Parent will stay together throughout session

❏ We will send out detailed instructions for you to follow leading up to the event

❏ U6 Coaches will be prepared with a list of who is on their team


Location and Field Layout:

❏ Reiver Athletic Complex (Soccer Match Field) Parking Lot 6a

2700 College Road

Council Bluffs, IA 51503

Expectations of Parents

  • Come prepared & on time

  • Be supportive of your own child, teammates, coaches, and opponents

  • Respect the facilities

  • Volunteer and help out where you can (For U6 NEST: Coach, Team Manager to schedule snacks, Substitution Manager, etc)

  • Monitor Child for Covid-19 Symptoms (Don’t attend session with symptoms present)

  • Keep belongings 6 ft apart from others’.

Expectations of Coaches

  •  Come prepared & on time

  •  Follow NEST curriculum, philosophy, schedule, and rules

  •  Have fun, be energetic, and do your best to facilitate and coach

  • “Club first” mentality, over “team first” mentality (Winning vs Development)

  • Wear a mask while coaching

  • Pick up equipment

Covid-19 Protocols

  • Adults: Wear a mask (IWCC Requirement)

  • All participants will have their temperature taken at check-in (IWCC Requirement)

  • Spectators: Stay 6ft apart; social distance as best possible (Families can stay together)

  • Limit which family members attend sessions. (Club preference would be one adult) 

  • Use Hand Sanitizer

  • Do not attend session if Covid-19 symptoms if you have.

  • Report any confirmed Covid-19 case of participants to Director of Coaching at

U4/U5 Monday Itinerary (Aug. 24, 31, Sep. 14, 21, 28, Oct. 5)

5:00 pm: Session I Player Check-in

5:15 pm: Session I begins

5:45 pm: Session I ends

5:30 pm: Session II Player Check-in

5:45 pm: Session II begins

6:15 pm: Session II ends

U6 Monday Itinerary (Aug. 24, 31, Sep. 14, 21, 28, Oct. 5)

6:15 pm U6 Player Check-in

6:30 pm Group Activity with NEST Coach

6:45 pm Games vs U6 NEST Teams

7:15 pm Debrief with Individual Coaches

U6 Thursday Itinerary (Aug. 27, Sep. 3, 10, 17, 24, Oct. 1)

6:15 Player Check-in

6:30 Group Activity with NEST Coach

6:45 pm Training Session with individual team coach

7:15 pm Debrief with Individual Team Coaches