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    If you have questions or problems, please read our Troubleshooting Guide.
    Player fees are collected at the time of registration. We have two seasons each year (Fall & Spring) and fees are collected each season.

    Early Bird Registration:
    4U thru 6U - $40.00
    7U thru 8U - $60.00
    9U thru 10U - $60.00
    11U thru 12U - $60.00
    13U thru 15U - $60.00
    16U thru HS** - $60.00

    Regular Registration:
    4U thru 6U - $40.00
    7U thru 19U- $70.00

    New player registrations taken after the registration deadline will be placed on a waitlist and are not guaranteed placement on a team.

    **If we have enough teams to have a division.

    Non-Member Team Registration
    Non-Member Team registration. We have two seasons each year (Fall & Spring) and fees are collected each season.

    7U thru 8U - $300.00
    9U thru 10U - $400.00
    11U thru 12U - $550.00
    13U thru 15U - $675.00
    16U thru HS* - $750.00

    To inquire about having your teams play in our recreational league please contact our

    Recreational Director:
    Joyce Bartels

    Recreational Program

    The Council Bluffs Soccer Club Recreational (Rec) Program provides an opportunity for young people in our community to develop healthy life skills and team skills through active participation in the beautiful game of soccer. Our core values are teamwork, fairness, and communication, while nurturing a positive environment to strive for excellence. CBSC offers a full soccer season in both fall and spring, providing a fun and safe environment for children ages 7-19. The focus is participation, team building, sportsmanship, and fun while players learn the game of soccer in a minimally competitive environment.

    For players ages 4-6, please refer to the NEST program.

    Player Information

    Registration for fall will be open soon.

    Recreational Coaches

    For returning coaches and new coaches interested in the recreational program, we will walk you through the volunteer process.

    League Information

    *League play begins August 23


    If your team orders uniforms through CBSC, the cost per uniform is $30.00 to $50.00 through This cost is NOT included in the registration fee.

    Uniforms consist of a jersey, shorts, and socks.

    See the CBSC site for more information.


    Player Q&A

    What age group is my child in? Beginning with the soccer mandate in 2016, players are placed based on birth year. Here is a chart to find your child's age group. Age Chart

    I never played soccer or I am new to Council Bluffs. You would be considered a new player. All new players are required to submit a copy of the player's birth certificate for age verification. This can be emailed or mailed to the club administrator with the registration receipt.

    Staying on the same team? If you are a returning player and want to remain on the same team as the past season, be sure to indicate the team in the space provided during registration.

    Moving to a new team? From Fall to Spring we discourage moving from one team to another. If you are moving to a different team, please contact the Director of Operations. Indicate the reason for the move during registration. During team formation in Fall, players can move between teams. Be sure your former coach is aware you are moving to a new team so he/she can work with the Director of Operations to fill the roster.

    Already have a team? If your friends are forming a team, put the name of the team/coach in the appropriate section when you register.

    Don't have a team? CBSC forms new teams and places as many as 1300+ players per season onto teams. To the best of our ability, we form teams based on schools and/or geographic location.

    Playing in an Older Age Group? Players may play up 2 age divisions starting at 7U. If you play in an older age group, the registration system will only let you register in the "actual" age group your child is approved for by the state. Don't worry, go ahead and register; designate the team name, coach, and any additional comments. We will be sure you get onto the correct team. If you are in 6U or below you will participate in the N.E.S.T. Program and are not allowed to play up.


    Becoming a coach is as simple as contacting and filling out the voluntary disclosure background check through Iowa Soccer Association (ISA).

    Multiple Roster

    Playing on more than one team?
    If you play on more than one team, complete the form at the link below and contact Arian Haddix for registration procedures. If both teams are in CBSC, fees must be paid for each team. By rule, 7/8U players cannot play on more than one team.

    Birth Year

    2016 - 4U

    2015 - 5U

    2014 - 6U

    2013 - 7U

    2012 - 8U

    2011 - 9U

    2010 - 10U

    2009 - 11U

    2008 - 12U

    2007 - 13U

    2006 - 14U

    2005 - 15U

    2004 - 16U

    2003 - 17U

    2002- 18U

    2001- 19U

    United States Soccer Federation Player Development Initiatives